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Current Issue
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:1-62
Original Articles
Study on the Standard Posture of 『Yeongchu·Gyeonggeun (Lingshu·Jingjin)』
Min-Sik Kim , Chang-Geon Kim , Eun-Yong Lee
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:1-13
Efficacy and Safety of Miniscalpel Acupuncture, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or Combined Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain: An Assessor-Blinded Randomized Controlled Pilot Study
Han Mi Gong , Seungah Jun , Yeon-Joong Chung , Ju-Ran Kim , Jung Hee Lee , Hyun-Jong Lee , Chung A Park , Jae Soo Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:14-23
Inhibitory Effect of Polyporus umbellatus Extract on Melanogenesis
Lea Minju Kang , Seol-a Park , Yeun-Ja Mun , Won-Hong Woo
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:24-30
A Review on Selection of Specific Points -Needling Depth of LU7 and Point Location of BL62 & KI6-
Yujeong Keum , Hyanggi Lim , Seoyeoung Choi , Jihun Jung , Dongmyung Eom , Jichung Song
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:31-36
The Effects of Acupuncture at Heart and Kidney Meridian on Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complexes Activities in Rats
Donghee Choi , Yumi Lee , Mirae Kim , Jeonghye Park , Hyeran Kim , Changsu Na , Daehwan Youn
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:37-45
Case Reports
Two Cases of Korean Medicine Therapy for Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Min Young Yim , Jae Soo Kim , Hyun Jong Lee , Sung Chul Lim , Yun Kyu Lee
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:46-53
Effects of Sweet Bee Venom Pharmacopuncture Combined with Korean Medicine Treatment for Acute Low Back Pain Syndrome Patient: A Case Report
Sung Min Bong , Woo Seok Jang , Kyung Ho Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2020;37:54-62
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An Overview of Pain Measurements
Sung-Youn Shim1, Hi-Joon Park2.3, Jun-Mu Lee1, Hyang-Sook Lee1,3
A Research for Tradition and Identity of Saam Acupuncture Method
Yoo-Ong Jung, Duk-Ho Lee, Sang-Woo Ahn
The study of metabolomics for the scientific research of Korean medicine: Review
Jee-Youn Jung1,2, Geum-Sook Hwang3, In-Chul Sohn4