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Current Issue
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:111-95
Review Articles
A Literature Review of Korean Medicine Treatment for Neurogenic Bladder: Focusing on Clinical Approach
Jeong-Hyun Park , Su-Hyeon Jeong
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:111-121
Thread Embedding Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Systematic Review of Animal Studies
Purumea Jun , HuiYan Zhao , Suk-Yun Kang , Chang-Hyun Han
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:122-132
Original Articles
Increased Slc6a4 Expression Associated with Decreased Dopaminergic Neurons in an MPTP Induced Parkinsonism Mouse Model
Sujung Yeo
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:133-139
Psoraleae Semen Ethanol Extract Inhibits RANKL-Induced Osteoclast Differentiation and Osteoclast Specific Genes Expression
Gwang-hyun Ryu , Eom Ji Kim , Minsun Kim , Jae-Hyun Kim , Yujin Lee , Dae-hwan Jin , Youngjoo Sohn , Hyuk-Sang Jung
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:140-150
Combined Effects of Different Wavelength Laser Stimulations and Electroacupuncture on Neuropathic Pain
Myoung-rae Cho , Myeong-hun Kim , Youngmin Moon , Sungho Jeong , Chang-su Na
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:151-161
Antidepressant Effect of Liver Tonification and Four Gate Acupuncture Treatments and Its Brain Neural Activity
Geun-Hyang Eom , Jae-Sang Ryu , Ji-Yeun Par
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:162-174
Case Reports
Intractable Pain Management by Combined Korean Medicine Treatment Including Acupotomy in Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Case Report
Hyeon Kyu Choi , Young Rok Lee , Hyun Ji Cha , Ki Jung Sung , Beom Seok Kim , Min Ju Kim , Ye Ji Lee , Ju Hyun Jeon , Young Il Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:175-181
Intradermal Acupuncture for Acute Neck Pain with Limited Range of Motion in the Cervical Spine: Case Reports
Jae-Cheol Hyun , Su-Hyeon Jeong
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:182-188
Combination of MSAT and Korean Medicine for Managing Foot Drop Due to Lumbar Disc Herniation: Case Report
Ji-won Park , Wu-Jin Jeong , Hyo-Seung Huh , Hae-Won Hong , Ji-eun Koo
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:189-195
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An Overview of Pain Measurements
Sung-Youn Shim1, Hi-Joon Park2.3, Jun-Mu Lee1, Hyang-Sook Lee1,3
A Research for Tradition and Identity of Saam Acupuncture Method
Yoo-Ong Jung, Duk-Ho Lee, Sang-Woo Ahn
Properties of Pulse Waveforms by Posture Changes : Standing, Sitting, Supine Posture
Sun-min Kown1, Hee-Jung Kang2, Sang-Hun Lee3, Yun-Kyoung Yim4, Yong-heum Lee1