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Current Issue
Korean J Acupunct 2016;33:95-147
Review Article
Study on the Treatment Mechanism of Back-Shu Points for Organ Dysfunction
Man-Suk Hwang
Korean J Acupunct 2016;33:95-101
Original Articles
Machine Learning Approach to Blood Stasis Pattern Identification Based on Self-reported Symptoms
Hyunho Kim, Seung-Bum Yang, Yeonseok Kang, Young-Bae Park, and Jae-Hyo Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2016;33:102-113
A Study on Korean Translation of the Pathway of Lung Meridian in Miraculous Pivot·Meridian Vessel
Hyejin Jung, and Sabina Lim
Korean J Acupunct 2016;33:114-120
Body Systemic Circulation Assessment Method through Analysing the Radial, Dorsalis Pedis, Temporal Arterial Pulse Wave
Seung-Yeon Yu, Eun-Sung Park, Ye-Bin Choi, and Yong-Heum Lee
Korean J Acupunct 2016;33:121-130
Case Report
Acupuncture Treatment of Depression in Cancer Patient’s Home Caregivers
Yun-Jin Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2016;33:131-138
Acupuncture Expands the Boundary of Mind-Body Medicine
Jae-Hyo Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2016;33:139-147
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A Study on the Properties and Functions of the Twelve Main Meridians: Focusing on the Relationships between the Internal Organs and the Meridians
Woojin Choi
Received December 1, 2014; Accepted December 17, 2014.
25 Cases of Facial Paralysis Inpatients by Korean Medical Treatment with <em>Hwangryunhaedok-tang</em> Pharmacopuncture
Tae-jun Yang, Jeong-hun Lee, Seon-wook Kim, Joo-yong Jeong, Tung-shuen Wei
Received November 5, 2014; Accepted December 9, 2014.
A Short Review on the Principal of Matching Five-Su-Points to O-Haeng Using Hado
In Suh Choi, Bong Hyo Lee
Received May 30, 2014; Accepted June 17, 2014.