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Current Issue
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:197-323
Review Articles
A Scoping Review of Acupuncture Points for Post-Stroke Sequelae: Focusing on the Electroacupuncture
Hwa Yeon Lee , Song-Yi Kim , Su-Hyeon Choi , Ho Sueb Song
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:197-208
A Comparative Study of the Literature on Fire Acupuncture (Hwachim) between South and North Korea
Su-ran Lim , Shi-hui Jin , Yu-ra Kim , Youn-Sub Kim , Song-Yi Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:209-221
A Review of Recent Studies about Fire and Warm Needling for De Quervain Syndrome
Seok-Hee Jeon , Jeong-Cheol Shin
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:222-234
Original Articles
A Literature Review on the Evidence that Hemorrhoids Were Included in the Efficacy of LU6
Eunbyul Cho , Cheoung Su Kim , Yeonkyeong Nam , O Sang Kwon , Seung Bum Yang , Jae-Hyo Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:235-249
A Study on the Direction of Research for Pharmacopuncture through the Analysis on the Current Status of Chinese Herbal Injections
Ji Hye Hwang , Suhyeon Choi , Ho Sueb Song
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:250-266
A Development of an Acupoints Education Table using 3D Technology and Augmented Reality
SeungJeong Yang , ChangJu Ryu , SangCheol Kim , JaeSouk Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:267-274
Changes in Liver Function Test Results after Korean Medicine Treatment in Patients of a Korean Medicine Hospital: A Retrospective Chart Review
Min Young Yim , Han Byeol Park , Jae Soo Kim , Hyun Jong Lee , Sung Chul Lim , Yun Kyu Lee
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:275-281
An Experimental Study on the Development and Possible Solution of Thermal Runaway Model of Electronic Moxibustion with System Error
Byung Wook Lee , Yong Taek Oh , Hansol Jang , Seong-Kyeong Choi , Hyo Rim Jo , Won-Suk Sung , Eun-Jung Kim
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:282-289
Visuality and Hapticity in Acupoints: A Study on Benshu Chapter in Huangdi Neijng Lingshu
Seok Mo Song
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:290-307
Developing a Pressure Control Valve for Air Extraction Cupping Device
Jae Yong Lee , Dong Wook Shim , Soo Kwang An , Eun Seok Kim , Byung Ryul Lee , Gi Young Yang
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:308-316
Case Report
Cellulitis and Ankle Joint Synovitis after Acupuncture at BL60: A Case Report
Hyun Jeong Do , Eun Ju Lee , Gyung Hun Park , Yun Leong Park , Jong Cheol Seo , Cheol Hong Kim , Hyun Min Yoon
Korean J Acupunct 2021;38:317-323
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An Overview of Pain Measurements
Sung-Youn Shim1, Hi-Joon Park2.3, Jun-Mu Lee1, Hyang-Sook Lee1,3
Properties of Pulse Waveforms by Posture Changes : Standing, Sitting, Supine Posture
Sun-min Kown1, Hee-Jung Kang2, Sang-Hun Lee3, Yun-Kyoung Yim4, Yong-heum Lee1
A Research for Tradition and Identity of Saam Acupuncture Method
Yoo-Ong Jung, Duk-Ho Lee, Sang-Woo Ahn