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Properties of Pulse Waveforms by Posture Changes
: Standing, Sitting, Supine Posture
측정 자세의 변화에 따른 맥의 변화 특성
: 선 자세, 앉은 자세, 누운 자세
Korean J Acupunct 2009;26:13-22
Published online December 27, 2009
© 2009 Society for Meridian and Acupoint.

Sun-min Kown1, Hee-Jung Kang2, Sang-Hun Lee3, Yun-Kyoung Yim4, Yong-heum Lee1
권선민1, 강희정2, 이상훈3, 임윤경4, 이용흠1
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Objectives : Informations on pulse diagnosis in literature are based on diagnosing pulse waveforms on
supine posture. However, today's pulse waveforms are measured on various postures for the convenience of
patients or doctors. For objective measurement, the effect of posture on the pulse waveforms should be
considered. The objective of this study was to find posture-related changes in the radial pulse waveforms.
Methods : We used an instrument, DMP-3000(DAEYOMEDI Co., Ansan, Korea), measuring radial pulse
waveforms noninvasively by tonometric method. 25 male subjects participated in the trial. Before measuring
radial pulse waveforms subjects had rest for 5 min. The pulse waveforms were measured on the left wrist.
Each subject underwent this course on the supine, sitting, and standing posture. We analyzed pulse
waveforms with Height-parameters, Time-parameters, Energy, and Elastic rate.
Results : Height-parameters(h1~h5) on the supine posture were bigger than those on the sitting and
standing posture. In case of Time-parameters, the parameters making up systolic time decrease in order of
on standing, sitting, and supine position. However, systolic time and diastolic time didn’t have any changes.
Energy of pulse was the biggest on supine posture and Elastic rate on standing posture.
Conclusions : In this study we found that posture changes affect radial pulse waveforms. For quantification
of the changes, more trials should be done. After analyzing much data we might apply parameters of pulse
waveforms changed by posture. Also, we might diagnose special disease with properties of pulse waveforms
by posture.
Keywords: Pulse diagnosis, Radial pulse waveforms, Posture change, Tonometric method,

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