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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Facial artery supplying the lips and nose. The facial artery arises anteriorly from the external carotid artery and curves around the inferior margin of the mandible, anterior to the masseter muscle, before entering the face. It divides around the oral angle into two branches: the upper lip is supplied by the superior labial artery (SLA), and the lower lip by the inferior labial artery (ILA). Each ipsilateral artery anastomoses with the contralateral artery of the same name at the median site of the lips. The facial artery then ascends as the angular artery (AA). The blood supply to the nose via the facial artery is contributed by the lateral nasal branch (LNbr), the inferior alar branch (IAbr), and the nasal septal branch (NSbr). The courses of the Hand yangming large intestine meridian in the head, described in the classical text, coincide with segments of the facial artery, including ILA, SLA, and LNbr (the AI-generated background image was created by Paul Winter).
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