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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Comparision of the protective effect of Sihogyegi-tang, Sihosogan-tang, and Sihocheonggan-tang on dopaminergic neu-rons in the striatum. The optical density of TH-positive neurons in the striatum. TH, tyrosine hydroxylase; NOR, saline-administrated group; MPTP, MPTP-administrated group; MPTP+SG, MPTP-administrated group with Sihogyegi-tang; MPTP+SS, MPTP-administrated group with Sihosogan-tang; MPTP+SC, MPTP-administrated group with Sihocheonggan-tang. Scale bar, 200 ìm. Means with different letters are significantly different (p<0.05) by Duncan’s multiple-range test.
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