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Table. 6.

Table. 6.

First prototype of lesson plan for meridianology laboratory class

Methods Activities Time (min)
Before class Pre-learning Students watch the pre-learning videos and write down the finding methods or procedure in the lab notes. -
Setting roles Students divide the roles of operators, a recipient, and an observer for the class. -
Introduction Prepare for class The teacher presents the seating arrangement for each group on the monitor. 15
Students enter the lab and change into training clothes in the changing room.
Students wash their hands in the sink.
Students put on bed covers.
Students bring the group items from the locker to bedside.
The operators get informed consent for practice from the recipient.
Students measure the recipient’s blood pressure, body temperature, and blood sugar.
Students fill out a pre-procedure checklist.
Present learning objectives The teacher presents the learning objectives for the practice. 2
Drawing attention The teacher and students meditate. 3
Development Live demonstration The teacher demonstrates procedure of finding acupoint and needling for some acupoints. Then, the teacher demonstrates the same procedure with explanation. The demonstration is broadcasted in real time through the screen. 30
Breaktime 10
Development Practice in groups The recipient goes on the bed. 100
The operators find acupoints by referring to the finding method written before the class.
Each operator performs the entire process of acupuncture (or other skill) without the help of others, and then record it directly in the lab notes.
The observer monitors the operator’s performance.
The teacher goes around each group and educates the main contents of the lab (finding acupoints, needling, structures identified through ultrasonography and safe needling depth).
When students ask questions, the teacher answers.
Feedback The teaching assistant observes the performance of students in the assigned group, provide feedback, and demonstrate upon request.
The observer checks the operators’ performance for some acupoints according to the OSCE checklist and provides feedback
Finish Organize Students fill out a post-procedure checklist 5
Students organize the items by group and fill out item checklist.
Students separate waste and dispose of it.
Students clean up the area they worked on.
The cleaning group on the day clean up and get confirm by the teacher.
The teacher checks the cleanliness.
Students change into their normal clothes in the changing room and leave the lab.

min : minutes, OSCE : objective structured clinical examination.

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