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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. On the basis of occurrences and average publication year, three prominent keyword subjects were further investigated. (A) Acupoints-related keywords were published first, followed by the others (acupoints: blue circle, diseases: red-cross, mechanisms: green triangle). (B) Acupoints-related keywords included ST36 (n=33), LI4 (n=6), GB34 (n=12), KI10 (n=12), HT7 (n=8). Diseases-related keywords included hypertension (n=12), neuropathic pain (n=9), pain (n=9), ankle sprain (n=8), anti-inflammation (n=8), osteoporosis (n=8), stroke (n=8). Mechanisms-related keywords included nitric oxide (n=19), electroencephalogram (n=16), c-Fos (n=13), heart rate variability (n=9), nNOS (n=9).
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