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Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7. Diagram of temperature measuring procedure. (A) Silicone Phantom, (B) Electronic Moxibustion, (C) K-type Ther-mocouple, (D) Thermocouple Data Input Module.
A K-type thermocouple was used to measure the temperature change. The temperature change at the surface and depth of 2 mm was measured. After operating by pressing the button on the top of the electronic moxibustion, the temperature change was measured for 660 seconds at the surface and 900 seconds at the depth of 2 mm. This process was repeated 7 times. Temperature data from the thermocouple was transmitted to the data processing program through the data acquisition device composed of the NI 9211 module inserted into the NI cDAQ-9174 CompactDAQ chassis. The transmitted electrical signal was converted into a digital signal and then saved as graph and numeric data.
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