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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Details of fire acupuncture treatment in North Korean studies

ID Study design Disease Frequency Treatment duration Number of sessions Acupoints Depth of insertion (mm) Whether to supplementation and draining method Needle retention time

Local Distal
Fire acupuncture
Choe, 200743) CCT Trigeminal neuralgia 1/2∼3 days 20∼30 days 5-10: 5 session/ cycle, 2-cycle - BL2, EX-HN4
- ST2, SI18
- EX-HN Hyeopseungjang
- GB14, ST7, Ashi points
Choe, 201244) CCT Rheumatic arthritis 1/3 days Unclear Unclear (minimum 5 sessions) Ashi points GV14, LI11, SP10, BL18, BL23, GB34, GB39 NA Open-closed supplementation and draining None
Choe, 201745) CCT Chronic atrophic gastritis 1/3 days Unclear Unclear (minimum 10 sessions) Ashi points (upper abdomen), CV12 GV9, CV6, ST36 NA NA None
Kim, 201746) CCT Vitiligo vulgaris 1/2 days About 60 days 30: 10-session/cycle, 3 cycles (5-day rest between cycles) Around the lesions None 1∼3 mm NA None
Lee, 201747) CCT Thrombosed hemorrhoid 2/3 days (every other day) Unclear Unclear (minimum 2∼3 sessions) Affected part None NA NA None
Choe, 201848) CCT Herpes zoster 1/2∼3 days∼1/week Unclear Unclear Affected part GV14 0.1∼0.5 cun Cupping (drainage of pus) None
Shin, 201949) CCT Acne rosacea 1/2 days 30 days 30: 15-session/cycle, 2 cycles Affected part (telangiectasia, pimples, pustules) None NA NA NA
Sung, 2019a50) CCT Raynaud's disease 1/7 days Unclear NA None CV12 Penetrate to linea alba NA None
Sung, 2019b51) CCT Raynaud's disease 1/7 days Unclear: minimum 14 days 2 None CV12 Penetrate to linea alba NA None

CCT : controlled clinical trial, NA : not available.

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