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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Pain and depression-induced methods and results of pain-like, depression-like, and locomotor behaviors in pain and depression comorbid models

Species of pain and stress Pain and depression-induced methods Pain-like behavior tests Result Depression-like behavior test Result Locomotor behavior test Result References
Drug Reserpine
Capsaicin test I NSF I OFT, EZM D 15, 22, 31, 35, 50, 63, 67, 68, 76, 90, 109, 114, 118
Von frey, Randall-Selitto, Grip test, Hargreaves, HPT, TFT D FST, TST, ST, MWM D
Cold stress ICS Von frey, Hargreaves D FST D OFT D 130
Compositeness CCI & CUMS Von frey, Acetone test D FST, SPT D - - 49, 107
CCI & CMS PAT I FST, Anhedonia test D - - 56
Von frey, Acetone test D
SNL & OB Von frey, Hargreaves test, Acetone test D FST D OFT D 26
PSNL & SDS Von frey, Hargreaves test D - - OFT, EPM D 109
SNI & RS Von frey D FST D OFT D 120
NGF & CUS Von frey, HPT D FST, LDT D EPM D 127
CFA & UCMS Formalin test I SPT D OFT, EPM D 54
CFA & WKY rat Algometer I FST D - - 75

Acetone test : latency, Algometer : pain threshold, Anhedonia test : cereal intake, Capsaicin test : licking of paw, CCI : chronic constriction injury, CFA : complete Freund’s adjuvant, CMS : chronic mild stress, CUMS : chronic unpredictable mild stress, CRD : colorectal distention; threshold score, D : decreased, EPM : elevated plus maze; time and number of entries, EZM : elevated zero maze; retention time in open area, Formalin test : time of licking, FST : forced swimming test; mobility, Grip test : muscle strength, Hargreaves : latency time, HPT : hot plate test; latency time, I : increased, ICS : ice cold stress, LDT : light-dark test; retention time, MWM : morris water maze; time to reach platform, NGF : nerve growth factor, NSF : novelty-supressed feeding test; latency time to feed, OB : olfactory bulbectomy, OFT : open field test; traveled distance and time, PAT: place escape/avoidance test; time within white area, PSNL : partial sciatic nerve ligation, Randall-Selitto : pain threshold, RS : resistant stress, SDS : social defeat stress, SNL : sciatic nerve ligation, SNI : sciatic nerve injury, SPT : sucrose preference test, ST : sucrose test; grooming time, STZ : streptozotocin, TFT : tail flick test; withdrawal latency, TNBS : trinitro-benzene-sulfonic acid, TST : tail suspension test; mobility, UCMS : unpredictable chronic mild stress, Von frey : withdrawal threshold.

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