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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Depression-induced methods and results of depression-like, pain-like, and locomotor behaviors in depression models

Species of stress Depression-induced methods Depression-like behavior test Result Pain-like behavior tests Result Locomotor behavior test Result Refrences
Chronic stress OB FST, MWM D Formalin test I OFT D 27, 58, 72
Von frey, TFT, HPT, Radiant heat test D
UCMS SPT D Electrode implantation I OFT D 71
CVS SI D Von frey D OFT, EPM D 66
SDS SI D Von frey, Capsaicin D OFT, EPM D 119, 66, 125
CRS FST, TST D Von frey D OFT, EPM D 42
Acute stress
HAB - - Hargreaves D EPM D 53
FSS TST, SPT, Pentobarbital hypnosis test, Nest building test D LIS, Urinary bladder distention I - - 34, 77
Von frey, Hargreaves, HPT D
PNS FST D Formalin test I - - 57, 80, 88
ARS FST, MBT, SPT D Von frey, HPT D EPM D 23
FST TST D LIS, Von frey, Hargreaves D - - 46, 96

AWR : abdominal withdrawal reflex; AWR score, ARS : acute restriction stress, CACS : chronic-acute combined stress, CRS : chronic resistant stress, CVS : chronic variable stress, D : decreased, Electrode implantation : number of head flicks, grooming time, head turning time, EPM : elevated plus maze; time and number of entries, Formalin test : time of licking, FSS : foot shock stress, FST : forced swimming test; mobility, HAB : high anxiety-related behavior, Hargreaves : latency time, HPT : hot plate test latency time, I : increased, IMA : intestinal motility assay; ratio of dye migration distance/total intestinal length, LIS : low intensity innoxious stimuli; paw withdrawal ratio, MBT : marble burying test; number of buried marble, MWM : morris water maze; exploring time, Nest building test : nest quality, OB : olfactory bulbectomy, OFT : open field test; traveled distance and time, Pentobarbital hypnosis test; duration of sleep, PNS : prenatal stress, Radiant heat test : latency time, SPT : sucrose preference test; grooming duration, SDS : social defeat stress, SI : social interaction test; traveled distance and retention time in each zone, TFT : tail flick test; withdrawal latency, TST : tail suspension test; mobility, UCMS : unpredictable chronic mild stress, Urinary bladder distention : visceromotor response, Von frey : withdrawal threshold.

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