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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Pain-induced methods and results of pain-like, depression-like, and locomotor behaviors in pain models

Species of pain Pain-induced methods Pain-like behavior tests Result Depression-like behavior test Result Locomotor behavior test Result References
Neuropathic pain CCI Hargreaves, CPT I NSF I OFT, EPM, EZM, Pole test D 13, 16, 17, 43, 45, 55, 61, 62, 82, 86, 89, 91, 92, 95, 103, 111, 116, 117, 121, 128, 131, 134
Von frey, Algometer, CPP, HPT D FST, TST, MBT, SPT, ST, LDT, PAT, SMT D
SNI Acetone test, Cat walk-gait analysis I TST, MBT, SPT, LDT, SI, NOR D EPM, EZM D 44, 51, 52, 74, 79, 85, 87, 110, 113, 126, 132
Von frey, DPA, SBB, Cat walk-gait analysis D
SNL (PSNL) CPT I NSF I OFT, EPM, EZM, V-maze D 14, 24, 44, 81, 84, 97, 105, 115, 122, 133, 135
Distal tibial fracture Von frey D SI, NOR, NLR D OFT, EZM D 39
SCI Hargreaves D FST, BMS, LDT D OFT D 78
LDH Von frey D FST, TST D - - 47
STZ Von frey, HPT, Acetone test D OGTT I OFT, EPM D 29, 33, 60, 64, 70, 99, 101, 106
Oxaliplatin Acetone test, Brush test I NSF I - - 123
Von frey, TIT D FST D
Paclitaxel Acetone test I NSF I - - 69
Von frey D FST, ST, LDT D
Inflammatory pain CFA CPP I NSF I OFT, EPM D 20, 21, 32, 37, 41, 65, 73, 83, 98, 102
Von frey, Hargreaves, Hot water bath test, Radiant heat test, Randall-Selitto test, TPPT, DPA D FST, TST, MBT, SPT, LDT, SI D
CYP Von frey D FST, SPT D - - 104
Kaolin & Carrageenan PAM, Audible and ultrasonic vocalizations D FST, SPT D OFT, EPM D 18, 28
Formalin Formalin test I SPT D OFT, EPM D 59
Von frey D
MIA Cat walk-gait analysis I FST, TST, NOR D OFT, EPM, EZM D 36
Von frey, Grip strength, Cat walk-gait analysis D
DSS Von frey, Randall-Selitto test, HPT D FST, MBT D EZM D 25, 30
Thoracotomy Von frey D FST, SPT D OFT D 93
Others DPI Nociceptive assessment D NSF I OFT, EPM D 124
Walker 256 cells Von frey D FST, SPT D Rota-rod D 100
Acidic saline Von frey D FST, SPT D OFT, EPM D 19
μ-opioid receptor KO Tail immersion test D ST, LDT D - - 40
Endometriosis HPT, Acetic acid-induced abdominal contractions D FST, ST D OFT, EPM D 112

Acetic acid-induced abdominal contractions : number of writhes, Acetone test : licking time, algometer : withdrawal threshold, Audible and ultrasonic vocalizations : duration, BMS : basso mouse scale, Brush test : number of reaction, Cat walk-gait analysis : swing duration or single stance, CCI : chronic constriction injury, CFA : complete Freund’s adjuvant, CPP : conditioned place preference; time in chamber, CPT : cold plate test; number of paw lifts, CYP : cyclophosphamide, D : decreased, DSS : dextran sulfate sodium, DPA : dynamic plantar aesthesiometer; withdrawal threshold, DPI : dental pulp injury, EPM : elevated plus maze; time and number of entries, EZM : elevated zero maze; retention time in open area, Formalin test : licking time, FST : forced swimming test, Hargreaves : number of paw lifts, Hot water bath test : threshold, HPT : hot plate test; latency time, thermal threshold, I : increased, KO : knock out, LDH : lumbar disc herniation, LDT : light-dark test; retention time, LPS : lipopolysaccharide, MBT : marble burying test; number of buried marble, MIA : monosodium iodoacetate, NOR : novel object recognition test; recognition index, or preference new object, Nociceptive assessment : grooming time and number, NSF : novelty-supressed feeding test; latency time to feed, OFT : open field test; traveled distance and time, PAM : pressure application measurement; withdrawal threshold, PAT : passive avoidance test; latency time, Pole test : total time to descend, PSNL : partial sciatic nerve ligation, Radiant heat test : latency time, Randall-Selitto test : withdrawal threshold, SBB : spontaneuous burrowing behavior; percentage of initial gravel, SCI : spinal cord injury, SI : social interaction test; social interaction time, SMT : spatial memory test; stretched attend posture, time in central atrium, time spent grooming, nose pokes, SNI : sciatic nerve injury, SNL : sciatic nerve ligation, SPT : sucrose preference test; grooming duration, ST : sucrose test, STZ : streptozotocin, TIT : tail immersion test, TPPT; thermal place preference test; time spent in 25℃, TST : tail suspension test; mobility, Von frey : withdrawal threshold.

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