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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Effects of EELJ on the levels of intracellular ROS production, and activities of SOD and CAT, and levels of GSH in glutamate-treated hippocampal HT22 cells. Cells were pre-treated with or without 10 μg/ml EELJ for 12 h and then exposed to 5 mM glutamate for 1 h (A) or 24 h (B∼D). (A) The medium was removed, and the cells were incubated for 20 min with medium containing 10 μM DCF-DA for 30 min. The intracellular ROS level was quantitated using a flow cytometer. (B∼D) The activity of SOD and CAT, and levels of GSH were determined by the commercially available assays and expressed as percentages of the corresponding values for the control group. (A∼D) Each bar represents the mean±SD from three independent experiments per group (*p<0.05 compared with the control group; #p<0.05 compared with the glutamate-treated group).
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