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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Intervention characteristics of articles of moxibustion treatment for visceral hypersensitivity

Author (year)Moxibustion pointsMoxibustion typeMethod (above surface)TemperatureRetention timeTreatment frequencyDurationAnesthesia
Zhou (2009)12)ST25Moxa cylinderIndirectn.d.n.d.Once/day7 daysn.d.
Zhou (2009)3)ST25Moxa stickIndirect(2 cm)n.d.15 minOnce/day7 daysNo
Zhao (2012)14)ST25Moxa stickIndirect(2 cm)n.d.10 minOnce/day7 daysn.d.
Zhou (2014)15)ST25Moxa stickIndirect(2 cm)n.d.10 minOnce/day7 daysn.d.
Li (2016)16)ST25Moxa stickIndirect(2-2.5 cm)43 or 46°C10 minOnce/day10 daysn.d..
Liu (2017)18)ST37Fine moxibustionIndirect(1.5-2.5 cm)43 or 46°C10 minOnce/day7 daysn.d.
Zhao (2016)28)ST37Fine moxibustionIndirect(1.5-2.5 cm)43 or 46°C10 minOnce/day7 daysn.d.
Liu (2015)19)BL25Moxa stickIndirect(2 cm)n.d.40 min4 times/day8 daysn.d.
Zhou (2011)23)ST25 and ST37Moxa stickIndirect(2 cm)n.d.15 minOnce/day7 daysNo
Wang (2016)24)ST25 and ST37Moxa stickIndirect(2 cm)n.d.10 minOnce/day7 daysn.d.

n.d. : not described.

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