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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Acupuncture Interventions of the Included Human Studies Based on the Revised STRICTA Guidelines

 Author (year)1. Acupuncture rationale2. Details of needling3. Treatment regimen4. Other components of treatment 5. Practitioner background6. Control interventions 7. AE8. Score (%)

1a1b1c2a2b2c2d2e2f2g3a (*)3b4a4b6a6b
Thomas 199530)NRPrevST5Uni/bi; BL32, CV4, SP6, 91-3 cmsensation, muscle contractionMA, EA20 minNR22/ monthNoAlternative treatmentTrained physiotherapistNRN-ES TENSNR14 (77.78)
Kotani 200131)NRTCM theory, PrevST14Bi; BL18- 24 or BL20-265 mmNRMA4 days0.16×5 mm, Asahi14 daysNoInstruction, informed consentNRNRNo needle insertionNR13 (72.22)
Xing 200432)NRSimple, comparable effect of TENSST4Bi; ST36, PC6NANRTENSNRNA1*NRNoInstructionNRNRN-APNR9 (56.25)
Chu 201233)NRPrevST6Bi; ST36, 37, SP6NRMuscle twitchingEA30 minNR2NRNoInstruction, informed consentLicensed acupuncturistNRN-ESNR12 (66.67)
Leung 201321)NRPrevST6Bi; LI4, PC6, ST36NANRTENS45 minNA1*NRNoInstruction, informed consentNRNRN-ESNo AE11 (68.75)
Juel 201634)TCMHistorical contextST15Uni/bi; CV4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, ST25, 26, 37, LI4 +N-APDeep tissue layerdeqiMA30 min0.22/0.3×50 mm1NRNoInformed consentExperienced acupuncturist (name, nationality)rationale for control conditionNo needle insertionNR16 (88.89)
Juel 201735)TCMTCM, Prev, empirical experienceST20Bi; CV4, 6, 9, 10, 12, ST25, ST36, SP6, 8, 9, 15+N-APNRdeqiMANR0.22/0.3×50 mm1*NRNoInformed consentExpert acupuncturistPrevNo needle insertionNR14 (77.78)

: assumed by authors,

: only acupuncture-related control interventions,

: number of reported items

AE : adverse event, bi : bilateral, EA : electroacupuncture, MA : manual acupuncture, min : minutes, NA : not applicable, N-AP : Non-acupoint, N-ES : No electrical stimuli, NR : not reported, Prev : Previous study, ST : standardized, STRICTA : Standards for Reporting Interventions in Clinical Trials of Acupuncture, TCM : traditional Chinese medicine, TENS : transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, uni : unilateral.

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