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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2.

Effect of combination of TEA and fermented Scutellaria baicalensis (FSB) extract treatment on forelimb foot fault on horizontal ladder walking task following focal ischemic (ISC) stroke.

(A) Upper photograph shows normal walking on horizontal ladder before stroke. Lower one, rat receiving stroke shows forelimb fault(arrow) during the ladder walking. (B) Comparison of time-dependent changes in forelimb faults from 3 experimental groups. A forelimb foot fault was defined as a complete miss or slip from the rung. Foot fault score was calculated by percent ratio of contralateral forelimb fault to contralateral forelimb steps. ISC, ischemia group; Pre, pre-operation. Values are mean±S.D. from 7 rats of each group. *Denote significant difference between ISC group and TEA+FSB group (*p<0.05).

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