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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Key Data of Studies

Study Sample size  Intervention  Control Treatment N°/Period Evaluation index  Result (A>B, C)  Acupoints Tools  Method
Mai (2014) 120 A: Thread Embedding Therapy+ the sodium hyaluronate injection(n=60) B: the sodium hyaluronate injection(n=60) 5X/1 m 1. HSS score 5 w: p>0.05 3 m: p<0.05 6 m: p<0.01 GB34, SP9, ST36, SP10, ST34, BL40, EX-LE2, Zhi tan xue PGLA 2 cm/90°(GB34, SP9, ST36) 1.5 cm/70°(SP10, ST34) 2 mm/90°(Zhi tan xue) 2 mm/45°(EX-LE2) 1 cm/90°(BL40)
WANG (2016) 80 A: Thread Embedding Therapy(n=40) B: traditional acupuncture therapy(n=40) 10X/1 m WOMAC 1. p<0.01 Four acupoints around the knee joint PLGA Subcutaneous Thread Embedding
YANG (2017) 60 A: Thread Embedding Therapy(n=30) B: traditional acupuncture therapy(n=30) 2X/15 d SF-36 score

1. PF: p<0.05

2. BP: p<0.05 3. GH: p<0.05

BL11, BL17, CV17, GB34 PGLA Line body double-rotation embedding

HSS : Hospital for Special Surgery, WOMAC : Western Ontario & McMaster Universities, SF-36 : 36-Item Short Form Survey, PF : Physical Functioning, BP : Bodily Pain, GH : General Health, PGLA : Gla peptide, PLGA : Polylactic-Co-Glycolic Acid, N : Number, M : Months, D: Days.

*A : Intervention group, B : Control group.

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