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Table. 8.

Table. 8.

Changes in VAS and KODI according to Age

  VisitSubjects over 50 years old(n=10)Subjects under 50 years old(n=18)p-value

VASDifference (Visit 14-Visit 2)−1.53±1.67−0.90−4.80∼0.700.0176−2.02±1.29−2.40−4.00∼0.20<.00010.3973
KODI§Difference (Visit 14-Visit 2)−4.20±5.14−3.00−16.00∼1.000.0295−6.61±3.76−6.00−17.00∼−2.00<.00010.0745

within group comparison,

between group comparison,

Visual analog scale,

Korean Oswestry disability index, Paired t-test,

Wilcoxon’s signed rank test.

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